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Fun websites for children to check out. (States and Capitals)
Whether you are writing a report or planning a trip, this guide to the 50 US states is a great resource. Provides pictures of state symbols, statistical information and links to many other related sights.
Best Books for Children
Link to some of the most recommended books for children.
Ed Emberly
Books, Drawing and Activities for Kids
Children's Music Web
If you can't remember the words to a favorite song or want to learn a new one, be sure to check this one out.
Arthur Site
Fans of Marc Brown's favorite aardvark will enjoy this site!
If you're a Nick watcher, checkout this site for some of your favorites!
PBS Kids
Website with games and more focused on PBS programming for children.
Sea World
Planning a trip? Travel to Sea World without leaving your chair!
Scholastic Kids
Games, puzzles and information on Scholastic titles.
Punky Doodle
Fun site with games and activities