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December 7, 2011

Minutes of Trustees' meeting

The Ocheyedan Library Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, December 7, 2011, at 4:30pm.
Members present were: Bernie Willadsen, Laura Glade, Linda Kogelmann, Tammy Hoekstra, Nancy Faber, Janet Kleve and Librarian Connie Schuster. Absent: Don Hormel
Meeting was called to order by President Bernie Willadsen.
Motion was made by Laura and seconded by Tammy to approve the minutes. Carried.
Treasurer's Report: Bank Balance of $38,418.65
Trust and Agency Balance of $27,307.42
General Fund Balance of $11,111.23
Bills to be sent to the City Council were read and a motion was made by Janet and seconded by Linda to approve. Carried.
Librarian's Report: We had a small number of one come in Saturday, Nov. 19th. Our largest day saw 45.

Unfinished Business:
1. Report on County Meeting: Lindsey Helmers presented the program at Melvin.
Six from Ocheyedan attended.
2. Plans for Library's 100 years: no discussion.

New Business:
1. Supervisors meeting December 13th at 10:30am: Connie and perhaps Bernie will attend.
Melvin will make the presentation. Libraries will seek $12,000.
2. Christmas Holiday Library Hours: closed the days of the 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st. Motion was made by Tammy to approve those hours and Nancy seconded. Motion carried.
3. Budget Proposal: motion was made by Janet and seconded by Laura to accept the proposal. Carried.
4. 1/2 Stipend: motion was made by Janet and seconded by Tammy to pay the second half of this year's stipend to Diane Truckenmiller, certified co-librarian. Carried.
5. Library Director Position: Diane is planning to discontinue her certification as librarian. She will continue to work with the computers, order books, etc. With no certified librarian the state will discontinue its aid of $528.00.
6. Salary Proposal: after discussion a motion was made by Linda and seconded by Laura to give Connie and assistant librarian, Ruth Hoekstra, a 3% raise. Connie asked for no raise. It was proposed to drop Diane's co-librarian stipend from $2,000.00 to $1,000.00 as she will no longer be certified. $500.00 would to be paid in May and December, 2012. Further discussion and decision is scheduled for the January meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

Date of next meeting will be January 4th at 4:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet Kleve

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