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Library Operations

Contents include the operating policies and procedures, including borrowing privileges, circulation, charges and gifts.

A. Schedule of Hours

1.    The Ocheyedan Public Library is open from 1:00-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday; 1:30-6:00 p.m. Thursday; and 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Saturday.

2.  The library is closed if school is let out due to stormy weather.

B. Borrowing Privileges

1.    Registration of borrowers
    a. All library cards must be updated on a three year rotation.
    b. The next update begins on September 1, 2009.

2.    Eligibility of borrowers
    a. Each individual, over the age of four will have his/her own card.
    b. Children entering the preschool will be issued their own card.
    c. Until preschool, children will check out books on their parent's card.
    d. Parents must sign the library card for children under the age of 14.

3.    Responsibilities of borrowers
    Borrowers will abide by the Ocheyedan Public Library policies relating to overdues, fines and damaged materials (see circulation).

4.    Confidentiality of records
    Each card will have a number for circulation purposes.  These numbers, circulation records and other records identifying the borrowers will not be disclosed without following proper legal procedure.  (Code of Iowa Chapter 22.7: "Examination of Public Records".)
5.    Other library privileges
    a. We participate in Access Plus (interlibrary loan) with Northwest Iowa Library Services.
    b. We have reciprocity agreement with the Plum Creek System of Worthington, MN.
    c. We participate in the program Open Access that enables patrons to borrow directly from other Open Access participants in the state of Iowa.
    d. Patrons agree to a video policy when they receive a library card.  It will be posted near the video display .
    e.  Patrons are required to sign an internet safety policy .
    f. We participate in EBSCO HOST funded by the State Library—an information database with remote access (from patron’s homes or library).

C. Circulation

1.    All materials except magazines and videos circulate for two (2) weeks.  Magazines and videos circulate for one (1) week.
2.    Materials may be renewed for two (2) weeks in person or by phone.
3.    Books will be held on reserve for individuals or classes for one (1) week.
4.    Interlibrary loans will be held one (1) week from time of notification.
5.    Overdues
    a. Notice will be sent when any material is two (2) weeks overdue.  Its card is marked with the date the notice was sent to the patron.
    b. If the material is overdue more than one (1) month the patron is called.
    c. If the material is not returned during the next week, the Ocheyedan Public Library shall revoke the patron's borrowing privileges.
    d. The Ocheyedan Public Library abides by the Code of Iowa governing concealed library materials.  (Appendix 5)  If the material remains overdue a certified letter will be sent to the patron with a copy of the Code of Iowa that pertains to overdue materials.  The collection of materials 60 days overdue or more will be turned over to the sheriff’s department for their department to retrieve.

D.    Charges

1.    Fines on all books, magazines and videos are ten (10) cents per day per item for five (5) days per week for open days. Patrons with unpaid fines will not be allowed to check out any new materials.  Fines will not exceed the replacement cost of the unreturned items.
2.    Damaged and lost materials will be paid for by the patron.  The librarian will determine the amount to be paid according to the current replacement value. Funds are nonrefundable even though the patron may return the material.
3.    Copier fees are ten (10) cents per copy.
4.    Fax machine fees for receiving are .25 cents per page.  The fee for sending is $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each succeeding page.
5.    Access Plus (ILL) patrons will be assessed $1.00 per item requested.  This is to reduce the postage expense.

E.    Equipment use

1.    All library equipment (TV, VCR, projector, microfiche reader, filmstrip projector, copier, tables and chairs) is to be used in the library only.  It is not loaned out.

2.    A possible exception to this would be for library promotional use outside of the library.

3.    Use of the VCR is limited by the copyright and performance restrictions to the videos themselves.

F. Gifts

1.    Books and other materials will be accepted at the librarian's discretion.
2.    Materials must meet the materials selection criteria of Ocheyedan Public Library to be added to the collection.
3.    Gifts of money, real property and stock will be accepted if conditions attached are acceptable to the Board of Trustees and the City Council.
4.    Personal property, art objects, portraits, antiques, collections and other museum objects will be accepted at the Board's discretion.
5.    The Ocheyedan Public Library will not accept for deposit materials that are not outright gifts.

G.    Public bulletin board and displays

    Public notices and displays are subject to approval by the librarian and/or Board.

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